6 thoughts on “where can i get murals done for my kids bedroom cheap?”

  1. The answer by HappyJumpingFrog is my idea, too. And you can use a page from a child’s coloring book as the reference image. Trace it onto overhead projector film and project it onto the wall. Or you can rent what’s called an "Opaque Projector". This type of projector uses images printed on magazines, books, photos, etc., not just images which are on the clear film.

    Use a pencil to trace out the projected design on your wall(s), then buy acrylic paint in quarts or even the small bottles you find at the craft store, sometimes they’re on sale for 50 cents each. Use a small brush to outline each color, then fill in with a larger brush.

    If you’re concerned about protecting the mural, after the paint has cured (48 hours or so) you can roll on a clear protective sealant (bought at the home improvement store).

  2. Home Depot now has stickable murals for childrens walls. Also they carry all types of different decals that you can apply yourself and make a mural from those. If you hire an artist you are looking at around $500 for one wall

  3. y do u wt to buy murals for ur young ones? get it done by urself and be a inspiring mom ur kids wud get up everyday watching ur own creation. murals r nt so hard to be done.

  4. If you can’t draw borrow an overhead projector, trace a simple picture onto a slide and then project it onto the wall. I did this with a dragon and a pirate ship and post man Pat’s van and village.

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