How do you paint a grassy background for a mural?

I’m making a forest scene on my wall. I’ve found an informative article on how to paint a sky. Now I’m looking for a "How To" artcle on the best way to paint or draw the ground . Any suggestions or a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated !
Thanks Bunches,

What rock band/song/lyric could i use for my baby nursery mural?

What i have visioned is a large mural with say for example a yellow submarine, mirrors on the ceiling for "lucy in the sky with diamonds", a zepplin as a mobile,etc. I just can’t think of anything else… The Beatles keep coming to mind, but I want diversity, while staying with the classic rock era. Any suggestions?

Car Window murals? where?

i am looking to get a Rear Car window Mural for my wifes car. where would i find a nice,color horse rear window mural. one that i can install. the only ones i can find are from dixie out fitters. is there a store i can go to or a website? thank you guys. her window is 17″ X 47″. so its kinda small

looking for scarry or optical illusion stick on bedroom WALL MURALS.?

My son is 15 and is redecorating his room he is VERY creative and loves to play jokes on everyone,,, he asked for my help!!!
I would like to find a place that sells REALY SCARY or optical illusions as a wall mural " something that sticks to the wall", for HIS bedroom, something like at THE WEB SIGHT, MIGHTY OPTICAL but that are for sale.