How to decorate baby nursery which has a red feature wall?

Hi, I’m at a loss how I can do up a baby nursery for a baby boy which has a feature red wall, the red is like a light burgundy or crimson sort of red. The rest of the walls in the room are cream. I can’t repaint it which I’d love to do so stuck for ideas. I like wall murals & things but of course clouds & space stickers etc won’t go well on red. Appreciate any ideas. Thanks.

What is the name of this child's movie?

When i was little i went to this daycare center we called Big Bird School because of the mural painted on the wall. Anyway there was this movie the teacher would put on everyday and i cant remember much about it an especialy the name i have an image in my head i know if i just saw it i would know it was the one but since you cant take images from your head (yet) ill just explain as detailed as i possibly can:

its an animated childrens movie about a girl and shes either locked up in a castle and trys to find a way out or is just exploring but finds a tunnel that leads up into a attic(?) or doungon anyway there she meets an old but pretty spirit who for somereason i think is her grandmother and for another unknown reason i think theres straw or hay in the room she finds theres also a boy who dosnt find out about the grandma spirit till somthing happens to the girl and the spirit sends the boy out to rescue her…

if this sounds familier to anybody id love the help!