How to decorate baby nursery which has a red feature wall?

Hi, I’m at a loss how I can do up a baby nursery for a baby boy which has a feature red wall, the red is like a light burgundy or crimson sort of red. The rest of the walls in the room are cream. I can’t repaint it which I’d love to do so stuck for ideas. I like wall murals & things but of course clouds & space stickers etc won’t go well on red. Appreciate any ideas. Thanks.

girlsbedroom decorating?

Hi all wondering if anyone can help me give me some ideas or even websites would be brilliant. We have just moved in to a house and i want to decorate my girls bedroom its her 1st bedroom so dont want it to be babyish even though she is only 1 but we alos use her room for guest to stay and have a bed settee in there so want that to tie in with it plus the picture below is gonna go one of her walls as well. We cant put anything on floor cus just had them laminated so any ideas for other walls or accessories would be great

Do you like the hand painted murals I have on my wall or should i paint over them?

I painted them myself. I dont know if i really like them but my kids say that i should keep them up. what do you think?? here are some pictures:

1st mural-

top of 2nd mural-

bottom of 2nd mural