How to decorate baby nursery which has a red feature wall?

Hi, I’m at a loss how I can do up a baby nursery for a baby boy which has a feature red wall, the red is like a light burgundy or crimson sort of red. The rest of the walls in the room are cream. I can’t repaint it which I’d love to do so stuck for ideas. I like wall murals & things but of course clouds & space stickers etc won’t go well on red. Appreciate any ideas. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “How to decorate baby nursery which has a red feature wall?”

  1. Maybe do a sports theme or something. You can put sticker murals on the wall of footballs, basketballs, hockey sticks, favorite sports teams, etc. My cousin just had the same problem with an orange wall, so she did a sports theme for her baby boy, and it turned out really cute. Plus, they will grow into it and like it when they are a little older instead of having to change the room in a few years.

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