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Wall Murals In a Atlanta Ga

Wall Murals in Atlanta

With over 35 years of experience painting murals and faux finishes – we offer all types of mural services. As an accomplished muralist, Jan Riley has completed dozens of murals in the Atlanta area, for both commercial and residential customers. If you have an idea for a mural or need some ideas – give me a call at 404 239 3931

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Babies Room Murals – Nursery Murals

Babies Room Murals – Nursery Murals

Nursery murals for babies

Babies room murals are always popular because mothers want to provide their newborn with the best possible space to join the world. Decorating a nursery can give a warm and loving atmosphere that encourages learning by providing colors and shapes a very young child can see.

Colors, shapes and images

Babies room murals atlantaBabies and infants LOVE nursery room murals because they really respond to colors, shapes, images and scenes that tell a story. Young children have vivid imaginations which allow them to “play ” with the colors, and images without a lot of details.

Kids can turn a blob of green into a baseball field, a lily pad, a magic carpet or a blanket. They can also create stories and journeys just by looking at a scene painted on a wall. Bright primary colors stimulate infants in positive ways which is why so many kids toys are primary colors.

Murals in an infants room are also safe because there are fewer pictures on the wall to pull down, chew on or break. My mother tells the story of placing my playpen next to a windowsill only to find I had eaten half the trim paint by the time she came back!

Simple babies room murals

Babies room murals can be simple like rolling hills with a castle in the background, ad garden mural with flowers, large horizontal wavy stripes that move around the room or oversized blocks of color are examples of a simple mural motif.

These work well because it is easy to decorate around a simple motif and these types of murals accommodate new styles and topics as the child gets older.  Moms like being able to change bedding styles and furniture without repainting the mural.

Babies Room Murals – Nursery Murals

Nursery Murals – Keeping Your Baby Safe

Nursery murals

Nursery mural

Cowboys and dessert make a fun boys room mural

Nursery murals are a very popular way to decorate for the arrival of your newest bundle of joy. Many parents want to make their nursery the perfect place for their baby to experience home and family. Murals in nurseries help create an environment that can help your newborn baby feels safe and secure.

It can also provide a way for your child to learn about color and shapes.

Nursery Room Mural Designs

Nursery room murals can range from scenes that depict nursery rhymes or bedtime stories to fanciful landscapes filled with animals. Ceiling murals are another great way to decorate your nursery. Cloud murals are very popular choice for nurseries and complement a wide variety of nursery bedding styles.

Nursery wall murals – keeping your baby safe

Murals for Nurseries

nursery mural with african animals!

Nursery wall murals have another added benefit in that it allows you to have lots of artwork that children can’t pull down or hurt themselves with. Babies are well known for putting everything in their mouth, and I have painted several small murals above bassinets and cribs were hanging a picture might become dangerous.

Remember that paint and painting murals is not safe for pregnant women. So hiring a muralist is not always a good idea if you are pregnant. Low VOC paint is now available and fast drying acrylic paints out gas in a matter of days.

There are also latex polyurethanes, which are highly scrubbable which are perfect as a top coat for children’s rooms and nursery murals. Keep your baby safe by creating nursery room art and murals that are free of lead paint or other toxic substances.

Babies murals

Kids love adventure and animals, this mural combines both!

Paint nursery wall murals early

However it’s important to apply both paint and polyurethane at least one week before your child uses the room. Also pregnant moms need to stay out of the room, while painting is being done. It’s perfectly fine to come in and check the progress of the room.

But you will not want to spend the night or extended periods of time. In any room that’s being painted, whether it’s latex paint or not if you are pregnant.

Nursery murals atlanta

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Murals atlanta

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