Wall murals with Jan Riley

Thank you for visiting my portfolio of murals in Atlanta. After 35 years I can still say, painting murals is my favorite thing to paint. My name is Jan Riley and I hope you enjoy browsing their images of just some of the murals I have painted here in the Atlanta Georgia area.

My name is Jan and I invite you to contact me at 404 239 3931 right now to discuss your mural ideas

Please visit our sister site ( www.FauxPaintingAtlanta.com ) to see many many more pictures of murals and faux finishes I have done around town. We literally have hundreds of images posted … so browse and enjoy!

MURAL141Whether I’m painting a princess nursery, a stadium in a sports room, a Tuscan scene, a beautiful view for restaurant, large eye-catching outdoor mural for business, or an intricate ceiling mural — the result is always the same because murals add that wow factor unlike any other decorative element.

If you would like a hand-painted mural then please give me a call at 404 239- 3931. My name is Jan and I look forward to speaking with you soon about your mural project

Atlanta  Murals

  • Residential Wall Mural
  • Affordable wall murals
  • Residential Ceiling Murals
  • Restaurant Wall Mural
Where would a mural transform your business?
  • Residential Ceiling Murals
  • Childrens’s room Murals
  • Nursery Murals
  • Kids’s Wall Mural Art
Set your Kids imagination on fire with a custom mural!
  • Tree Mural
  • Window Murals
  • Door Murals
  • Church Murals
Church Murals are inspiring to everyone
  • Sports room Murals
  • Home theater Murals
  • Game Room Murals
  • Ceiling Mural Art
  • Garden Murals
Now you can have the perfect garden ANYWHERE!
  • Commercial
  • Outdoor or Nature Murals
  • Custom Murals



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